Sun Burn Bowl I Field Goal Contest Completed With No Major Injuries

If you’ve been anywhere near a public pool, either a lifeguard or a sign has told you not to run near the pool, they never said anything about kicking field goals. 

Today at Sun Burn Bowl I Czabe saw two palm trees on a small island structure in the middle of the pool and thought what any morning sport radio host would, to have a competition kicking a football through them. While you might have thought the goal of the competition was to successfully kick the football through the two palm trees, the actual goal was to not fall flat on your back, or do any other bodily harm. With that being the case, only a few people were hit by terrible field goal attempts, and a good time was had by all.

Czabe lines up his kick.
Josh misses the goals and almost hits the camera.
A listener prepares to nail his kick.
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