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Colin Cowherd Floats This Blockbuster NFL Trade Involving Davante Adams

Colin Cowherd: “ProFootballTalk is suggesting that Davante Adams and Jimmy Garoppolo is not an ideal fit. They’re right. Davante wants a ‘let it rip guy’, up the sidelines, back shoulder guy like Aaron Rodgers. Look at the Jets schedule, if they’re struggling early it’s not going to be the defense, it’s not going to be the pass rush, it’s not going to be the run-game, it’s not Aaron Rodgers, it’s a lack of weapons. Would the Jets be interested in Davante Adams pre or around the trade deadline?”
Jason McIntyre: “Remember, the Jets GM and head coach are on the hot seat. They’ve got to deliver, and the Aaron Rodgers window is this year. Get us Davante Adams!”
Cowherd: “Do you think Aaron and Davante are absolutely texting?”
McIntyre: “At this juncture?”
Cowherd: “ABSOLUTELY.”
McIntyre: “Is it weird for Davante Adams to be THIS upset in May??”
Cowherd: “It’s almost as if Davante Adams is planting the seed. If this Jets team struggles, we know why.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre discuss this potential NFL blockbuster trade involving disgruntled Las Vegas Raiders star receiver Davante Adams.

Check out the segment above as Colin already sees an Adams/Aaron Rodgers reunion brewing in New York, as Colin says the Jets only weakness is a lack of dynamic weapons in their receiving corps.

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