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Colin Cowherd Mocks Will Levis Shirtless Photos: 'You Look Like a Meathead'

Colin Cowherd: “The knock on Will Levis is his decision-making during games. He might get good grades in college, but he makes bad decisions… Now, he’s releasing pictures and showing how jacked he is. There are no great quarterbacks in league history who look like bodybuilders, EVER. You want fluidity, range of motion, NOT a bodybuilder. Some smaller quarterbacks, like a Jalen Hurts, to ease the pain of all the shots have bulked up. Russell Wilson has bulked up, he’s not ripped. Will Levis probably thinks ‘I’m the man!’, and NFL executives I talk to think ‘you’re the man with no self-awareness.’ He went to the Combine or Pro Day and has got the sleeves off. I’m sure a lot of you out there also thought Johnny Manziel ‘coolness’ was a thing, Baker’s ego was a thing, and Cam’s ego and style was a thing. It turned off the smart guys I listen to. The smart guys I talked to, the ‘gun show’ stuff is a turn-off. Peyton Manning, Brady, Ben, that’s not what it’s about. This is a lack of self-awareness. Maybe he’s surrounded by too many of his guys and too many of his yes men. You don’t wanna be doing too many pictures in your bathroom like every loser on the internet after your workout to show how jacked you are. Have you seen CJ Stroud’s quotes about wanting to be the ‘face of a franchise’, and ‘I want to be a leader’? Will Levis is like ‘LOOK AT ME! SHIRT OFF, BATHROOM, GUN SHOW!’ Name me the great quarterbacks who were ripped? I’ve talked to a head coach, two GMs, and a scout, none of them like this at all. Two of them have a chance to draft him or pass on him. Go ask Laremy Tunsil about being on the internet. What you’re trying to do is send out messages and images— ‘I’m mature and focused about the right things.’ Shirt off, bathroom? That’s what a meathead in New Jersey does to show off to his boys.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd mock former Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis for posting shirtless pictures on his Twitter account this week, as Colin says NFL teams might be thinking twice about drafting a guy who is coming off like a pretentious ‘meathead’.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why Levis’ thirst pics could be early red flags for a big ego the likes of Johnny Manziel, Cam Newton, or Baker Mayfield, and says no successful quarterback in the history of the league has ever looked like a bodybuilder.

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