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Colin Cowherd on NBA MVP Race: 'Nikola Jokic Won It Last Night'

Colin Cowherd: “A lot of people think it’s Joel Embiid’s ‘turn’ to win the MVP, and the NBA has a history of voting MVP to who they think the better ‘story’ is. Last night they [Jokic and Embiid] were supposed to play, Embiid was a little dinged up, sore calf, says ‘I’m out.’ Or maybe the Sixers said he’s out. Or maybe Doc Rivers said ‘Joel is out.’ Whatever it is, the MVP officially goes to Jokic now in Denver. ‘BUT, BUT, BUT…’ When Jalen Hurts and Mahomes were tied down the stretch for the most valuable race, Jalen Hurts got dinged up and missed a couple games. You say it’s not his fault…nobody said it is, but it is his reality. Embiid has played 61 games, Jokic has played 67. Their numbers are both great. They’re both powerful, unique players, but last night was one of the handful of regular season games that mattered and this is a regular season award. I’ll give you a little flash, a little personality, you can use that in your voting, but you gotta be able to show up in a big regular season game. Embiid no-showed, and Jokic did what Jokic always does— shows up, dominates, they won, and they remain a no. 1 seed in the West. Being the no. 1 seed isn’t the end-all, be-all, but you gotta show up for this game. Doc Rivers said they wanted to get the whole team ready for the playoffs. Last night the Sixers chose the playoffs over a really interesting regular season game, and it’s a regular season award. Sorry, nobody said it’s Embiid’s fault. It’s Embiid’s reality, he doesn’t play a lot of games, Jokic plays more. Last night another triple-double for Jokic, another win for Denver. There’s a select few regular season games every year that matter more, and they matter to the league, to its branding, to its television partners, and to its consumers. It’s a regular season award, and the Sixers in a very close race chose a playoff agenda. They may up being the smarter team but the MVP is not about being smarter anything, it’s about being available in the regular season and dominating. Jokic last night won the award.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he believes the NBA MVP is a wrap a night after the Nuggets defeated the Sixers in a game Joel Embiid sat out, and Nikola Jokic dominated.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why you can’t really blame the Sixers for resting their best player down the stretch, but adds you then can’t complain as a Sixers fan when Embiid loses out to Jokic for a regular season award that puts more importance on nationally televised showdowns like the one Embiid no-showed Monday night.

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