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Colin Cowherd: Brock Purdy's Injury Paves Way For Tom Brady to 49ers

Colin Cowherd: “You have this roster with very physical players— Christian McCaffrey, Deebo, Kittle… They’re not going to last forever the way they play. In two years those guys may be retired or not the same player. Trent Williams is up there in age. They’ve got some great players but their physicality means you may have a year or two-year window [to win the Super Bowl]. Philadelphia’s is much longer. I was thinking to myself— Mahomes is running around out there on one leg, Joe Burrow and Josh Allen are getting the ‘you know what’ kicked out them, they’re all playing, and something hits Brock Purdy’s elbow and he’s out. I could see the Niners thinking: ‘Trey Lance, Garoppolo, Purdy, Josh Johnson, we just need a guy who doesn’t get hurt’, and Brady texting them going ‘guys, I’ll take a small salary, LET’S GO.’ You can say it was circumstance but size isn’t ideal for Purdy, he’s a gamer, he’s twitchy, he’s athletic, he’s competitive, but they’re in a really fascinating situation as a franchise where a lot of their key players, you have a year or two years in this window to hit it. It’s not like the Jets where all their good players are young and they’ve got a broad window. You can’t be too patient with this Niners organization. You watch Purdy and his elbow gets hit and he’s like ‘I can’t play’… I’ve seen Josh Allen get knocked ‘blank’ over tea kettle and stay in. Size matters in this sport and some of the small players get banged up. I didn’t see them getting Brady last week, you’re not going to move that far from your kids, but Brady is watching all those players going ‘hey man, I will play for almost nothing’, and I could see Kyle looking at that text talking to John Lynch going ‘dude, can you just give me a guy who can play?’ Another thing about Purdy’s lightning in a bottle run is we have to be totally honest about this… He beat two last place teams, beat the Raiders with Jarrett Stidham, and his division went into the tank. When he finally played a really good defense, Dallas, he was pretty average with all those weapons. I don’t know how he would have played against Philadelphia, but they weren’t moving the ball much. Jalen Hurts gets banged up, Kyler gets banged up, Lamar is hurt, there are GM’s around the league thinking ‘we have to be careful about mobile quarterbacks.’ Don’t forget, the ‘magical run’ isn’t necessarily the ‘magical quarterback.’ Nick Foles was the magical quarterback but where was he the next year? What if the Rams and Seahawks are really good next year and Brock Purdy doesn’t feel like an automatic ‘W’ with this roster?” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he’s changed his mind over the idea of the 49ers signing Tom Brady this offseason, as Colin is now on-board with San Francisco going after Brady in the wake of the Brock Purdy injury in San Fran’s blowout NFC Championship Game loss to the Eagles.

Check out the video above as Colin explains why the 49ers need to be more proactive at the quarterback position with a roster in its prime and ready to win multiple Super Bowls right now.

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