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Bakhtiari expects ACL to hold up in 2023 after missing time past 3 seasons

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The Green Bay Packers will have David Bakhtiari at left tackle, defending the blindside of new starting quarterback Jordan Love. Any rumors of a possible trade involving the five-time All Pro are simply ridiculous. There is no way Green Bay will trade away arguably the best left tackle in the game, when healthy.

That “when healthy” has become a real big point of conversation, hasn’t it? After Bakhtiari tore his ACL in late 2020, he missed [essentially] the entire 2021 season and six games last season.

How much will Bakhtiari be able to play in 2023? The three-time Pro Bowler addressed that question himself last week.

As mentioned, Bakhtiari missed six games last season. He did not play to start the season and had to miss various games throughout in order to stay healthy longer. Will he be able to play more in 2023? In answer to this question, Bakhtiari said:

“I feel really good. Obviously I don’t want to jinx it or oversell anything. But I think it will show up in how much I play.”

While not putting an actual number of games, Bakhtiari’s answer indicates that he expects to play much more in 2023. That being said, there is one factor that bears mentioning when it comes to how many games he will play.

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