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Packers add 2 more OL in 6th round: Jake Hanson and Simon Stepaniak

Green Bay made it three-for-three on offensive linemen picked with their trio of sixth-round 2020 NFL Draft selections, adding Oregon center Jake Hanson and Indiana guard Simon Stepaniak. Earlier in the round, the Packers tabbed Michigan tackle Jon Runyan.

Both Hanson and Stepaniak have plenty of starting experience in college.

Here's what has to say about Hanson:

Four-year starter who has the ability to assimilate into a variety of schemes but is unlikely to stand out in any particular one. His strong, accurate hands and determined effort are his calling cards and he's been able to hang in against a series of big, talented interior linemen over the years. He lacks power and mass, which could hurt his chances with teams who play against odd-front defenses, but he's a steady performer who could offer late-round value as a backup.

Here's what has to say about Stepaniak:

Burly and strong with the ability to play either guard position in a gap-scheme attack. He's productive on double teams and combo blocks. Stepaniak comes off the ball and into opponents with some pop when he's singled up and he's a nasty block finisher, but he may not have enough length for NFL-block sustain. His ability to recover in pass pro is limited by both his wide base and exaggerated slide steps out to the edge. Despite his bench-press strength, Stepaniak gives too much ground to power rushers who push him into the pocket. It's possible to correct some of his pass protection issues and his physicality in the run game helps his cause as a late-round guard with backup potential.

Photo: Getty Images (Hanson, #55, yellow)

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