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Aaron Nagler's Gut Reactions: Packers 34, Cowboys 24

Aaron Nagler of Cheesehead TV, who you can hear daily on iHeartMedia-Wisconsin stations, offers his instant takes on the Packers' 34-24 win over the Cowboys on Sunday.

Offensively, things looked better than expected with Davante Adams out...

  • Aaron freaking Jones baby. 
  • That Bob Tonyan catch was insane. 
  • Marcedes Lewis tight end screen for the win
  • Kumerow came so close to being Touchdown Jesus
  • That's a hell of a game from Lucas Patrick at center in place of Linsley

Per the norm, the defense showed some swagger...

  • Za'Darius Smith doing the Ray Lewis dance after Lewis called out the Packers defense was everything
  • Hell of a bounceback from Will Redmon. Great game. 
  • Speaking of young DBs....Chandon Sullivan! 
  • That was an incredible effort from Kevin King all game long. Capped off by his INT.
  • Preston Smith bullied the Cowboys all day 

Observing the game, a few things stood out...

  • The Packers coaching staff did a GREAT job taking advantage of what the Cowboys put on film this year
  • Being live during the game reminds me how fatalistic some Packers [fans] are
  • I need a smoke after that game and I don't even smoke. 
  • That rouging call on Gary followed by Kenny Clark getting hit by a blindside block and not getting flagged is peak NFL

There's always room for improvement...

  • Jaire had a tough start to this game, despite the pick. Just needs to settle down early. Brutal play on the TD he gave up late though, 
  • Can we stop letting Mason Crosby make tackles please?
  • The crazy thing on the TD over Tramon is that if the QB doesn't get hit, it's probably not a TD
  • Not feeling the play fakes out of the shotgun.
  • Lots of work to do, but I absolutely love this team.

You can see his full list of gut reactions at Cheesehead TV by clicking here.

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Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys

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