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Aaron Nagler's Gut Reactions: Eagles 34, Packers 27

Aaron Nagler of Cheesehead TV, who you can hear daily on iHeartMedia-Wisconsin stations, offers his instant takes on the Packers' 34-27 loss to the Eagles on Thursday.

First, the positives from the offense...

  • That's the best Aaron Rodgers has played this season. 
  • That TD throw to Jimmy Graham was... *chefs kiss*
  • What a sequence from Geronimo Allison at the end of the first half. 

And now, the negatives...

  • I think Matt LaFleur just called another first down run. Seriously, the insistence of running the ball against one of the best run defenses in the league, which also featured a banged up secondary that couldn't cover Davante Adams at all, was baffling. 
  • Marcedes Lewis has to make that block that ended up as a Rodgers fumble. Has to. 
  • Those four plays from the 1 yard line were, for lack of a better word, brutal. 
  • Brutal bounce on that final INT

Generally, a few things didn't go Green Bay's way...

  • I didn't think the Packers would miss Montravius Adams, but they miss Montravius Adams. 
  • Special teams really hurt the Packers early in the game. Basically let the Eagles back into the game with short fields. 

This game will be remembered for things the NFL is trying to fix...

  • The NFL's officiatiing is such a mess. Between overreacting to things like the missed PI call in the NFC Championship Game and all the new refs, it's just a disaster. 
  • How Derek Barnett wasn't thrown out for that hit on Jamaal Williams I will never know. 
  • That whole defense is very...Jim Schwartz. 

Now, some time off...

  • Team gets a much needed break before heading to Dallas. 
  • All in all, I'll take 3-1. 

You can see his full list of gut reactions at Cheesehead TV by clicking here.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers

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