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Aaron Nagler's Gut Reactions: Packers 10, Bears 3

Aaron Nagler of Cheesehead TV, who you can hear daily on iHeartMedia-Wisconsin stations, offers his instant takes on the Packers' 10-3 win over the Bears on Thursday.

The Packers have a defense.

  • Savage is legit. 
  • Amos. Poetry. 
  • Kenny Clark balled out. 
  • Preston Smith is a really smart player. There were a number of times where he could have bitten inside but kept contain. 

The offense... needs some fine-tuning.

  • Parts of that looked like McCarthy never left? 
  • Rough night for both guards. 
  • I almost fell out of my chair when Rodgers threw a 50/50 ball to Graham in the endzone. 
  • Mattt LaFleur has got to get Rodgers to get the play off. 
  • The RPO was absolutely brutal tonight. Between Rodgers going backside to someone who wasn't there to his absurd throw to MVS on 2nd and 5 when they were trying to put the game away, they have a lot of work to do there. 
  • If only there was some kind of exhibition season where they could work these things out. 

But really, when your punter is putting up 47.6 yards a kick, and the defense comes up big...

  • Gameball to JK Scott
  • Gameball to Mike Pettine. 

You can see his full list of gut reactions at Cheesehead TV by clicking here.

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

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