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A breakdown of the Packers' salary cap situation

Now that the initial 53-player roster has been set and the Packers are ready to go this Thursday in the season opener, here's a look at their salary cap situation heading into the 2019 season.

James Reynolds of Cheesehead TV takes a look at where things stand at the moment salary-wise:

The Packers will have about $9.9M in cap space after the season starts. That does not figure in the signing of B.J. Goodson since his contract numbers are unknown at this time, or the release of James Crawford. $7.91M of the $9.9M cap space comes from the release of Mike Daniels. Otherwise, the Packers would be down to $1.99M in cap space.

The Packers' cap space number should increase when the injured reserve situation gets resolved. Jason Spriggs will earn $66.6K for every week of the regular season he is still on the IR. There is no way to know how long that might be. As an example, if he can pass a physical and thus be released after 5 weeks, he would earn $333K but the Packers would then get a cap savings of $799K ($1,132,404 minus $333,060). 

Since there are unknowns, there's no way to calculate the Packers expected future cap savings: it could be $1M to $1.6M unless the injuries are worse than reported.

You can read more about the cap situation at Cheesehead TV by clicking here.

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