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How the Packers Can Still Make the Playoffs

So you're saying there's a chance: Green Bay has a roughly 3% chance to make the postseason. In addition to winning out, here's what else needs to happen for the Packers to get into the playoffs this season.

The Packers Need To Win Out

Any loss will virtually eliminate the Packers from the postseason. It would take an even more improbable set of circumstances for Green Bay to overcome any one loss (essentially, every team below would have to lose out).

Carolina Panthers: Lose One Game

The Panthers play New Orleans twice and Atlanta once the rest of the way. The Panthers have lost five in a row, and given the Saints' success this year, this is a plausible scenario. 

Washington: Lose One Game

Washington has a pair of games against AFC South also-rans (Jacksonville and Tennessee) and the Philadelphia Eagles, who are floundering in their Super Bowl title defense. Washington is playing with backup quarterbacks. So again, this is also somewhat realistic.

Philadelphia: Lose One Game

Since Washington and Philadelphia each play each other in the final week of the season, one of those teams will (almost certainly, barring a tie) lose the one game the Packers need them to. Philly's other games are against Los Angeles (Rams) and Houston, two playoff contenders.

Minnesota: Lose Two Games OR Seattle: Lose Three Games

This is probably the hardest part of the playoff scenario outside of winning out. Seattle would have to lose out, or Minnesota would have to lose two of three, for the Packers to get into the playoff field.

Seattle has an easy finishing schedule, with San Francisco and Arizona sandwiched around a contest against Kansas City, so this part of it is unlikely.

Minnesota, however, is dealing with some internal strife despite beating the Packers only a few weeks ago, and has a difficult remaining schedule. They'll play Miami, Detroit, and Chicago to close out the year, and the Packers need the Vikings to lose two of those games.

So there you have it. The Packers have a path to the playoffs, as unlikely as it's seemed for most of the past few weeks. If Green Bay wins over Chicago this Sunday, they won't be eliminated from playoff contention.

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