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Remaining 2018 NFL Draft picks for the Packers entering Day 2

After a bit of wheeling and dealing, the Green Bay Packers will still have 11 selections to make in this year's 2018 NFL Draft.

Green Bay had the #14 pick, which they traded to New Orleans for the #27 pick, as well as a fifth-round pick this year and a first-round pick in 2019. Later, the Packers traded back up to #18 with Seattle, giving up their third-round pick and swapping a sixth-round pick for a seventh-round pick. All told, the Packers netted one extra pick in 2019, the New Orleans first-rounder, and moved down about 70 spots from the third round to the fifth round in this year's draft (and four spots in the first round) to get it done.

Here's what the Packers have left entering Friday, where rounds 2 and 3 will take place. The Packers, for the second straight year, have the first pick of the fourth round, meaning they'll have a night to sleep on the pick and what they want to do with it.

It's expected the Packers will make some moves up the draft board, since having six fourth- and fifth-round picks means they have ammo to move up if needed into the third round. This is the first year compensatory picks can be traded, so Green Bay has the ability to move up.


2nd Round - #13 (45th overall)


4th Round - #1 (101st overall) - via Cleveland (DeShone Kizer-Damarious Randall trade)

4th Round - #33 (133rd overall) - Compensatory

5th Round - #1 (138th overall) - via Cleveland (DeShone Kizer-Damarious Randall trade)

5th Round - #10 (147th overall) - via New Orleans through Miami (#14 for #27 first-round trade)

5th Round - #35 (172nd overall) - Compensatory

5th Round - #37 (174th overall) - Compensatory

6th Round - #33 (207th overall) - Compesnatory

7th Round - #14 (232nd overall)

7th Round - #21 (239th overall) - via Buffalo (Lerentree McCray trade)

7th Round - #30 (248th overall) - via Seattle through Minnesota (#18 for #14 first-round trade)

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