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Packers: Who could be trying to trade up to #33?

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With the Green Bay Packers picking first in the second round, they've had nearly a whole day to field offers for the first pick of the second round. Who are some teams that could be looking to trade, and what could the Packers get? DeShone Kizer, the Notre Dame quarterback, is one of the remaining top prospects at the position, and if a team needs a QB, this may be a spot to take him.

-Jacksonville is picking at #35. Since Green Bay and Seattle aren't likely taking a quarterback, the only way the Jaguars would probably trade up is to get ahead of another team that would take Notre Dame's DeShone Kizer. The Jaguars could offer the #110 pick (third in the fourth round) in a second-round swap.

-New York (Jets) go up at #39. They may try to jump up to get Kizer if they think he's their guy. The Jets own pick #107, the last pick of the third round.

-Los Angeles (Chargers) are on the board at #38. While Philip Rivers is their quarterback, they may be looking for their future starter. They have the 113th overall pick, in the fourth round.

-Cleveland holds several picks in this year's and next year's drafts. Could they be a dance partner again for Green Bay? Their next pick isn't until #52, but they do have several picks in next year's class. Would that be too low for anyone the Packers are targeting?

Most other teams that hold second round picks own their own selections as well as their fourth-round selections, which approximates the value the #33 pick holds (a second and a fourth). That seems to be the going rate for moving up, but if a bidding war breaks out, the Packers could scoop up a possible additional pick near the end of the draft or later in next year's as well.

Of course, the Packers have options:

NFL Draft: Green Bay Packers will have plenty of options on Day 2 - Thumbnail Image

NFL Draft: Green Bay Packers will have plenty of options on Day 2

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