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SNL's Cavs sketch is hilarious

SNL put together a sketch on "The Other Cavs" on this year's roster not named LeBron. It's pretty dang funny..

My favorite parts:

Donald Glover. He's funny and such a talented dude.

The guy who holds LeBron's 3rd and 4th cell phones.

The guy who rolls the ball up the court. "I'm pretty good at that."

The guy who is 53 years old and has 7 kids, 2 of which are also on the Cavs.

Also the dog Pancake who plays Center.

Also it should be noted that this skit is part of the sketches that DID NOT make the final TV product. Sometimes things get cut, it's live TV I get it, but thank goodness for the internet or we'd miss out on such gems as this!

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