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Bucks have four different possible first-round playoff opponents

Milwaukee's first-round NBA Playoffs opponent hasn't been determined, but the possibilities should narrow after tonight's games. The Bucks could face the Detroit Pistons (most likely), Charlotte Hornets, Orlando Magic, or Miami Heat in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

This continues from yesterday's scenarios. You can read the full methodology at NBA.com by going here.

From least likely to most likely, here are the Bucks' postseason possibilities.

Miami Heat (Bucks 3-1 vs. Miami this season) - Only three scenarios in play here, and Miami has to win both of their remaining games in order to get into the postseason. First, Detroit has to lose their game against Memphis Tuesday night and against New York on Wednesday night. If Detroit wins either game, the Heat are eliminated. The other two games that matter: Charlotte at Cleveland Tuesday night and Orlando at Charlotte Wednesday night. If Charlotte wins Tuesday, then the Heat have to root for Orlando to win Wednesday to get in. If Cleveland beats Charlotte Tuesday, as long as the other two things happen (Heat win out and Pistons lose out), the Heat are in as the #8 seed.

Orlando Magic (Bucks 2-1 vs. Orlando this season) - The Magic have clinched a playoff spot. The only ways they can fall to the eight seed: First, they would have to lose their game against Charlotte on Wednesday, and Detroit would have to win out to jump the Magic.Brooklyn would need to defeat Miami in all four scenarios as well.

Charlotte Hornets (Bucks 3-1 vs. Charlotte this season) - The easiest way this sets up is if Charlotte wins out (over Cleveland Tuesday and Orlando Wednesday) and if Detroit loses at least one of its games. If Detroit wins both games, Charlotte is eliminated. If Charlotte loses Tuesday, they can still get in on Wednesday if Detroit loses both of their remaining games and if the Heat loses one of their games.

Detroit Pistons (Bucks 4-0 vs. Detroit this season) - If Detroit wins out, they are into the playoffs (and if Orlando loses their game against Charlotte Wednesday, they jump to the #7 seed). If you read the Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets scenarios above, that's what would have to happen to eliminate the Pistons.

You can see the full chart by going here.

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Milwaukee Bucks v Phoenix Suns

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