Wisconsin Bakery Named The Best Bakery In The Entire State

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Whether you're craving a sweet treat or want to pick up some freshly-made bread, it's hard to beat a good bakery. And thankfully, there are plenty of great bakeries serving up cakes, cookies, and any delectable delight you could hope for.

After searching through reviews and various awards, as well as sampling some of the treats, Mashed compiled a list of the best bakery in each state, from cupcake-centric shops to decades-old bakeries using family recipes. According to the site:

"Luckily, there are talented bakers all over the United States putting their skills to work. And the resulting baked goods in every form, from culturally inspired recipes and down-home cooking to crazy, colorful treats. And the wealth of sweet talent is spread across the country."

So which bakery in Wisconsin was named the best in the state?

Batch Bakehouse

Located in Madison, Batch Bakehouse has been serving up all the best breads and pastries for over a decade. With classics like croissants (both sweet and savory), pies, coffee cake and vanilla swirl as well as delicious breads like focaccia and sourdough, Batch is waiting to become the bakery of your dreams.

Batch Bakehouse is located at 1402 Williamson Street in Madison.

Here's what Mashed had to say about the best bakery in Wisconsin:

"Batch Bakehouse opened its doors in Madison in 2009, and they bake everything there from scratch each morning. The bakery's offerings include classic French baguettes along with challah and ciabatta. And its pretty case is full of selections such as the morning buns and mini butter cakes, but it's the ham and Gruyere croissant that makes this a must-stop spot in Wisconsin, with one fan saying it's 'rich, savory, buttery ... everything it's supposed to be."

Check out Mashed's full list to see the best bakery in each state.

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