2018 High School Football Recap: Week 7

Lodi needed a late field goal to stay unbeaten, while Waunakee dominated in their win as both teams extended their state-long winning streaks to 21 during their state title defenses. McFarland, Black Hawk, Johnson Creek, Fennimore, and Monona Grove all stayed perfect on the season as well.

The Big 8 has a crowd at the top, and Middleton's win over Janesville Craig puts five teams in the top half of the conference all one win apart, meaning chaos will reign over the final two weeks of the season.

Big Eight

📈 Middleton (5-2) 42, Janesville Craig (5-2) 7: Middleton pulled away in the second half of a huge win ahead of their Week 8 match-up with Sun Prairie. Craig has a difficult stretch to cap off the 2018 season, and has now lost both games against the Cardinals (along with Sun Prairie) by lopsided margins. Both teams still have plenty to play for, and if they both were to win out, it would create a possible five-way tie for first place in the Big 8.

📈 Verona (5-2) 47, Madison La Follette (3-4) 14: (🔊 Madison Taxi Game of the Week) Verona got three touchdowns from Haakon Anderson, and six rushing touchdowns total, in their Homecoming-crashing win over the Lancers. It also means Verona has clinched a playoff spot, while La Follette plays for their playoff lives next week against Madison East before finishing up with Middleton in Week 9. [Verona Coach Dave Richardson]

D1 #8 Sun Prairie (6-1) 56, Madison East (1-6) 8: Sun Prairie won Homecoming in convincing fashion over Madison East, as the Cardinals tuned up for their big game next week at Middleton. Madison East can no longer reach the postseason.

Madison Memorial (6-1) 35, Beloit Memorial (1-6) 0: Nothing fancy here, although Madison Memorial didn't really get going until the second half. Then again, that's kind of the M.O. for the Spartans this season, as they stay tied atop the Big 8 with Sun Prairie. Beloit Memorial's playoff hopes are officially extinguished.

Madison West (3-4) 55, Janesville Parker (0-7) 28: Madison West kept their slim playoff hopes alive, as they will need to upset Janesville Craig or Sun Prairie to get in (and sweep both to clinch a playoff spot). Janesville Parker kept it interesting until the third quarter, when the Regents started to pull away.,


*6-1 Madison Memorial
*6-1 Sun Prairie
*5-2 Janesville Craig
*5-2 Middleton
*5-2 Verona
3-4 Madison La Follette
3-4 Madison West
#1-6 Beloit Memorial
#1-6 Madison East
#0-7 Janesville Parker
🏆Conference Championship
*Clinched Playoff Spot
#Eliminated From Playoff Contention

Week 8 Games:

Sun Prairie (6-1) at Middleton (5-2): Our Madison Taxi Game of the Week, the Battle of the Cardinals will have major conference title implications. Sun Prairie clinches a share of the Big 8 title with a win and a Madison Memorial loss, while Middleton can thrust themselves back into the Big 8 title discussion if they can find a way to slow down red-hot Sun Prairie, winners of six in a row.

Madison West (3-4) at Janesville Craig (5-2): A massively important game for both teams. West needs a win to get into the playoffs, and with Sun Prairie looming next week, this is arguably the more "winnable" game. The Regents will have to contend with a very talented Janesville Craig line on both sides, and playmakers in the secondary as well. Craig can stay a game back of the conference leaders in the Big 8, and will have a shot at one of them in Week 9, Madison Memorial, to possibly put them in a position to share a conference crown.

Madison La Follette (3-4) at Madison East (1-6): The Lussier Cup is a big game for La Follette. A win likely puts them in the playoffs, even if they don't beat Middleton to clinch a spot in Week 9. After battling hard but losing to Verona, the Lancers will take on the young but improving Purgolders.

Verona (5-2) at Beloit Memorial (1-6): Verona's been on a roll the past two weeks, and as their health improves late in the year, it sets the Wildcats up for a two-week run against two teams that won't be in the playoffs this year. Beloit Memorial's playoff hopes are dashed, but the Purple Knights can still play for a win or two to mark slow but steady progress from the Big 8 cellar towards a playoff push in 2019.

Janesville Parker (0-7) at Madison Memorial (6-1): Both teams are at opposite ends of the conference spectrum. Memorial can clinch a share of the Big 8 title with a victory on Friday night and a Sun Prairie loss, while Parker will try to get their first win against one of the Memorials to close out the season (Beloit next week).

Playoffs: Madison Memorial, Sun Prairie, Janesville Craig, Middleton, and Verona have clinched a playoff spot. Janesville Parker, Madison East, and Beloit Memorial have been eliminated from playoff contention. Madison La Follette and Madison West need to each win one of their final two games to (likely) get into the playoffs, and win their final two to clinch a playoff spot.

Badger North

D2 #1 Waunakee (6-0, 4-0) 45, Reedsburg (4-2, 2-2) 14: Waunakee kept their state-long winning streak of 21 games (tied with Lodi and St. Mary's Springs) going, defeating Reedsburg handily and putting Waunakee in a position to clinch a share of the league title next week. Reedsburg still has a chance at the playoffs, but they'll have to win out to clinch.

📈 DeForest (5-2, 4-1) 61, Beaver Dam (2-5, 1-4) 7: It was 13-7 DeForest at halftime, but the Norskies exploded in the second half to win going away. Beaver Dam can no longer clinch a playoff spot, while DeForest is now on to the postseason.

📈 D3 #5 Mount Horeb/Barneveld (6-1, 4-1) 52, Portage (0-7, 0-5) 8: Mount Horeb/Barneveld clinches a playoff spot while Portage is now officially eliminated from playoff consideration.

Baraboo (3-4, 3-2) 34, Sauk Prairie (1-6, 1-4) 7: Five rushing touchdowns from Mike Wech give Baraboo a big edge in a win over Sauk Prairie, placing Baraboo squarely on the playoff bubble with three wins, although perhaps on the wrong side of it. Sauk Prairie's playoff hopes are in serious jeopardy, as they can no longer clinch a spot of their own.


*Waunakee 5-0 (7-0)
*DeForest 4-1 (5-2)
*Mount Horeb/Barneveld 4-1 (6-1)
Baraboo 3-2 (3-4)
Reedsburg 2-3 (4-3)
Beaver Dam 1-4 (2-5)
Sauk Prairie 1-4 (1-6)
#Portage 0-5 (0-5)
🏆Conference Championship
*Clinched Playoff Spot
#Eliminated From Playoff Contention

Week 8 Games:

Mount Horeb/Barneveld (6-1, 4-1) at DeForest (5-2, 4-1): Both teams have clinched playoff spots, but the winner stays still a game back of Waunakee and also builds their playoff resume. MH/B passes a little bit better, and DeForest has a pretty strong running back to counter what the Vikings bring to the table, but both defenses have been great at times and this appears to be one of the area's best match-ups this week.

Baraboo (3-4, 3-2) at Waunakee (7-0, 5-0): Waunakee can clinch a share of the Badger North with a win, while Baraboo can clinch a playoff spot with a victory of their own. Waunakee will have to face yet another top-notch running back this week in Mike Wech, and also contend with top-notch tight end Caden Blum.

Reedsburg (4-3, 2-3) at Portage (0-7, 0-5): Reedsburg's playoff push begins here. With two non-conference wins in the Badger Crossover games, the Beavers are in a good position to make the playoffs even if they lose one of their final two games, but why take that chance? Portage is searching for wins this year, but this will be a tough week to accomplish that.

Beaver Dam (2-5, 1-4) at Sauk Prairie (1-6, 1-4): The losing team is eliminated from playoff contention, while the winning team can dream a little longer, since a 3-4 record has a small chance of getting in to the playoffs this year.

Playoffs: Waunakee, DeForest, and Mount Horeb/Barneveld have clinched a playoff spot. Portage has been eliminated from playoff contention. Baraboo has earned a third win, putting them on the playoff bubble at the moment. They'll have to beat Waunakee or Reedsburg to clinch a spot. Reedsburg needs to win out to clinch a playoff spot. The losing team between Sauk Prairie and Beaver Dam is eliminated.

Badger South

📈 Watertown (6-1, 5-0) 28, Stoughton (5-2, 3-2) 21: A wild finish as Watertown scores late, then holds off Stoughton to spoil the Vikings' Homecoming. That means the Goslings are still tied atop the Badger South at 5-0, while Stoughton will need to win over either Monona Grove or Fort Atkinson to clinch a playoff spot. [Watertown Coach Benji Kamrath]

D2 #5 Monona Grove (7-0, 5-0) 35, Milton (2-5, 1-4) 0: Milton can't clinch a playoff spot anymore, while Monona Grove ramps up to two big games against Stoughton and Watertown to decide the conference. The Silver Eagles have allowed 22 points in five conference games, or 4.4 points per contest.

📈 Oregon (5-2, 4-1) 35, Edgewood (2-5, 1-4): Oregon wins this rivalry match-up to clinch a playoff spot ahead of a massive game against Watertown next week. Edgewood, however, will have a shot to win out and hope that 3-4 teams are invited to the playoffs this year.

Monroe (0-7, 0-5) 49, Fort Atkinson (0-7, 0-5) 8: Monroe wins Homecoming convincingly, snapping a losing streak dating to last season and discovering an offense that had eluded the Cheesemakers thus far.  It's a huge mountain to climb, but Monroe's narrow playoff hopes are still alive. Fort Atkinson's best chance at a win this year has passed.


*Monona Grove 5-0 (7-0)
*Watertown 5-0 (6-1)
*Oregon 4-1 (5-2)
Stoughton 3-2 (5-2)
Milton 1-4 (2-5)
Edgewood 1-4 (2-5)
Monroe 1-4 (1-6)
#Fort Atkinson 0-5 (0-7)
🏆Conference Championship
*Clinched Playoff Spot
#Eliminated From Playoff Contention

Week 8 Games:

Stoughton (5-2, 3-1) at Monona Grove (7-0, 5-0): Last year, this game decided the Badger South champ. This year, it still might, but Stoughton has dropped two in a row after starting the season on a five-game winning streak, albeit against sub-.500 competition. Monona Grove's defense has been playing lights out. Can they slow down a Stoughton offense that can move the ball even against good defenses? Stoughton clinches a playoff spot with a win.

Oregon (5-2, 4-1) at Watertown (6-1, 5-0): The Badger South has two loaded match-ups this week, and this one is probably the more fascinating of the two given that Oregon's already played a rugged schedule, including Monona Grove, but Watertown hasn't exactly had it easy either, suffering a loss to Waunakee. On the field, Oregon's defense will be the key against a Goslings offense that can score from anywhere.

Monroe (1-6, 1-4) at Edgewood (2-5, 1-4): The losing team is eliminated from playoff contention. Both teams have very slim playoff hopes, but they need to keep them alive.

Milton (2-5, 1-4) at Fort Atkinson (0-7, 0-5): Like Monroe and Edgewood, Milton's fleeting playoff hopes are at stake against winless Fort Atkinson, a short drive down 26.

Playoffs: Monona Grove, Oregon, and Watertown have clinched playoff spots. Fort Atkinson has been eliminated. Stoughton can clinch a playoff spot with a win. The loser of Monroe and Edgewood will be eliminated, and if Milton loses, they would also be eliminated.

Capitol Conference - North

📈 D4 #9 Lakeside Lutheran (6-1, 3-0) 41, Lake Mills (5-2, 2-1) 13: Lakeside Lutheran took a decisive win in the cross-street rivalry, and clinched a playoff spot in the process. Lake Mills, previously on a five-game winning streak, will have to regroup quickly. They've got defending D4 champ Lodi on the road next week.

📈 D4 #2 Lodi (7-0, 3-0) 10, Columbus (1-6, 0-3): Austin Soehle hit a field goal late to help Lodi avert the upset to snap their streak, as the Blue Devils won Columbus' Homecoming game. Columbus has had a few tough, close losses late this year, but it's a young team. If the Cardinals can build on this season's lessons, the sky is the limit. This year, though, Columbus can't make the playoffs. Lodi has clinched a spot in this year's field.

Poynette (4-3, 0-3) at Luther Prep (4-3, 1-2): Luther Prep wins the elimination game, meaning Poynette can no longer make the playoffs, and Luther Prep survives for another week, needing to win out to make the postseason.


*Lodi 3-0 (6-0)
*Lakeside Lutheran 3-0 (6-1)
Lake Mills 2-1 (5-2)
Luther Prep 1-2 (4-3)
#Poynette 0-3 (4-3)
#Columbus 0-3 (1-6)
🏆Conference Championship
*Clinched Playoff Spot
#Eliminated From Playoff Contention

Week 8 Games:

Lake Mills (5-2, 2-1) at Lodi (7-0, 5-0): Lodi survived an upset bid last week, and they'll get another strong candidate to end their streak this week when Lake Mills arrives fresh off of a loss to their cross-street rival. Lodi has been solid but unspectacular thus far, while Lake Mills has had two games against difficult competition without finding consistent offense, and five games where things seemed to be moving in the right direction, especially in the pass game. Lake Mills can clinch a playoff spot with a win.

Luther Prep (4-3, 1-2) at Columbus (1-6, 0-3): Luther Prep needs a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Columbus will have a chance to prove their mettle against a playoff hopeful again this week.

Poynette (4-3, 0-3) at Lakeside Lutheran (6-1, 3-0): Poynette has lost three straight after starting 4-0, and now can't make the playoffs. In the spoiler role the rest of the way, the task will be tall against a Warriors squad that will be challenging Lodi in Week 9 for a conference title. In the meantime though, this is a match-up of two pretty good defenses.

Playoffs: Lodi and Lakeside Lutheran have clinched playoff spots. Poynette and Columbus have been eliminated. Lake Mills clinches a playoff spot with a win, while Luther Prep is eliminated with a loss.

Capitol Conference - South

Not counting Capitol crossovers, the Capitol Conference is 26-12 in non-conference games this season (North 13-6, South 13-6)... the Capitol North dominated crossover games 5-0

📈  Cambridge (7-0, 2-0) 14, Belleville (5-2, 1-2) 13: Cambridge got a huge win to gain playoff eligibility and defeat one of their biggest rivals for the Capitol South title. Belleville, meanwhile, fell to the brink of playoff elimination. That's how close things are in the Cap-South, where it only takes two wins to get eligible, but a third win clinches and a third loss eliminates teams.

📈  Marshall (3-4, 2-0) at Waterloo (0-7, 0-3): Marshall is heading back to the playoffs after spoiling Waterloo's Homecoming. Waterloo, however, will not advance to the postseason following the loss.

New Glarus/Monticello (3-4, 1-1) 41, Iowa-Grant (2-5, 2-2) 6 - Non-Conference: New Glarus/Monticello tunes up for their final two games of the year, both conference affairs.


Cambridge 2-0 (7-0)
Marshall 2-0 (3-4)
New Glarus/Monticello 1-1 (3-4)
Belleville 1-2 (5-2)
#Waterloo 0-3 (0-7)
🏆Conference Championship
*Clinched Playoff Spot
#Eliminated From Playoff Contention

Week 8 Games:

Cambridge (7-0, 2-0) at Marshall (3-4, 2-0): The winning team clinches both a share of the conference title and a playoff spot. Marshall's offense has been big in spots this year, and they'll need to find some of that playmaking against a Cambridge squad that has some big-time talent at key two-way positions. After a 1-4 non-conference season, Marshall has rallied back to not only likely make the playoffs, but is now playing for a league title to boot.

Waterloo (0-7, 0-3) at New Glarus/Monticello (3-4, 1-1): NG/M becomes playoff-eligible with a win. Waterloo is looking for their first victory of the season, after nearly getting it last week.

Cuba City (3-4, 3-2) at Belleville (5-2, 1-2): Both teams suffered frustrating losses to teams clinching playoff berths last week, and they'll have this week to take it out on each other and add to a potential playoff resume as they square off in non-conference play.

Playoffs: Cambridge and Marshall are both playoff-eligible, and the winner of their game clinches a playoff spot as well as a share of the Capitol South title. Waterloo has been eliminated. New Glarus/Monticello becomes playoff-eligible with a win.

Rock Valley

Edgerton (6-1) 47, D3 #9 East Troy (5-2) 28: Edgerton has piled nearly 1,000 yards of rushing the past two weeks on East Troy and Turner, trampling the Trojans both weeks to take sole possession of second place in the Rock Valley. East Troy was the pre-season favorite in the RVC, but fell behind late in this one. [Edgerton Coach Mike Gregory]

📈 Jefferson (5-2) 33, Turner (4-3) 7: Turner's been in a bit of a funk since losing to McFarland a couple weeks ago, a close 9-7 game. Turner is likely still on to the playoffs, and Jefferson has clinched those playoffs with the win here.

D3 #3 McFarland (7-0) 44, Clinton (1-6) 6: Clinton's run is officially done, as they can't make the playoffs. The two-time defending conference champs essentially passed the torch here, as McFarland is a win away from a share of the conference title.

Whitewater (2-5) 19, Brodhead/Juda (2-5) 7: For the second straight year, Whitewater defeats Brodhead/Juda and sends the Cardinals to their fifth straight loss, while Whitewater has won two in a row. Neither team can clinch a playoff spot, but winning out would likely get either team there, especially since they'd each need to defeat one of the top two teams in the conference.

Big Foot (3-4) 55, Evansville/Albany (0-7) 34: Big Foot is a win away from a probable playoff spot, sending Evansville/Albany to their eighth straight loss.


*McFarland 7-0
*Edgerton 6-1
*East Troy 5-2
*Jefferson 5-2
Turner 4-3
Big Foot 3-4
Whitewater 2-5
Brodhead/Juda 2-5
#Clinton 1-6
#Evansville/Albany 0-7
🏆Conference Championship
*Clinched playoff berth

Week 8 Games:

East Troy (5-2) at Jefferson (5-2): The last stage of sorting out the pecking order in the conference at the top, it'll be power on power, strength on strength as each team asserts themselves ahead of the Division 3 playoffs. A win here might move a team closer to a home playoff game.

Big Foot (3-4) at Brodhead/Juda (2-5): Brodhead/Juda's playoff hopes likely ended last week with a loss to Whitewater, but to keep them alive, they'll have to snap a five-game losing streak against Big Foot. The Chiefs are a win away from a likely playoff berth, and two wins away from clinching a playoff spot.

Clinton (1-6) at Turner (4-3): Turner can clinch a playoff spot with a win over Clinton. The short drive marks a game that was much different a year ago, as the upstart Trojans battled hard against the eventual conference champion Clinton Cougars. Now, Clinton is playing for pride while Turner needs a win to clinch a spot, although they are likely already in.

Whitewater (2-5) at Edgerton (6-1): Whitewater has won two in a row, while Edgerton has won six in a row. One of those streaks ends on Friday night.

McFarland (7-0) at Evansville/Albany (0-7): Speaking of streaks, how about these teams going in polar opposite directions. McFarland can clinch a share of a conference title with a win this week.

Playoffs: McFarland, East Troy, Jefferson, and Edgerton have clinched playoff spots. Turner can clinch a playoff spot with a win. Big Foot can get a fourth win and get likely on to the postseason with a victory. Whitewater and Brodhead/Juda will be eliminated with losses. Clinton and Evansville/Albany are eliminated.

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