Illinois bill would ban tackle football for children under 12

There is a long-standing debate about when the right time is for children to begin participating in tackle football. In some places, you can begin as early as second grade; in others, tackle football does not begin until junior high. A bill introduced in Illinois would ban tackle football for pre-teen children, which brings the debate back to the forefront of the mind of sports parents. When is the right time for kids to begin playing tackle football? Should it be left up to the parents rather than legislation?

Dan Patrick offered his thoughts on The Dan Patrick Show today:

Former Packers QB Brett Favre said two weeks ago ahead of his role in the documentary on concussions, Shocked, that he'd rather see his grandkids play golf than football:

The immediate response from medical professionals and parent groups: why wasn't this done sooner?

However, players, coaches, media, and other parents aren't so sure this is a good idea.

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