PROJECTED Seedings: Madison-Area Football Playoffs

This is a PROJECTED seeding placement for area teams. The official pairings will be out around 1pm on Saturday afternoon.

Division 1

Group C

#1 Sun Prairie 9-0 vs #8 Madison La Follette 4-5

#2 Middleton 8-1 vs #7 Madison Memorial 4-5

#3 Kettle Moraine 6-3 vs #6 Sussex Hamilton 5-4

#4 Madison West 7-2 vs #5 Verona 6-3

-I think Kettle Moraine and Madison West will get home games, but #3-6 could shuffle. Pretty confident in 1-8 and 2-7. The Big 8 coaches wanted some different opponents, so you could see West and Verona scheduled away from each other.

Division 2

Group B

#1 Waunakee 9-0 vs #8 Beaver Dam 4-5

#2 Menasha 8-1 vs #7 Watertown 4-5

#3 Hartford 7-2 vs #6 West Bend East 4-5

#4 DeForest 6-3 vs #5 Slinger 6-3

-I think 1-2 are pretty well set. 6-8, Watertown slots ahead of Beaver Dam (head to head win). This is going to be one of the more interesting seeding meetings, with some strong (defunct) Little Ten representation and also a strong (current) Badger contingent.

Group C

#1 Waukesha West 9-0 vs #8 Wilmot Union 4-5

#2 Monona Grove 9-0 vs #7 Germantown 4-5

#3 Stoughton 8-1 vs #6 Burlington 6-3

#4 Waterford 7-2 vs #5 Oregon 6-3

-Waukesha West gets the edge by virtue of a more difficult schedule, including wins over D1 playoff teams. I think the 3-6 games set up so that each of the schools avoid playing a conference rival, although Oregon gave Stoughton all they could handle in Week 6. The MG-WW argument will be a good one. That should be a fun Level 3 game to look forward to.

Division 3

Group C

#1 New Berlin Eisenhower 9-0 vs #8 East Troy 5-4

#2 Catholic Memorial 7-2 vs #7 Monroe 4-5

#3 Mount Horeb/Barneveld 8-1 vs #6 Evansville/Albany 6-3

#4 Pewaukee 7-2 vs #5 Jefferson 8-1

-The Rock Valley struggled in seed meetings last year. This is a really good grouping--only one conference champion, but the top five teams have a combined six losses. That means someone is going on the road in Level 1 that maybe lost only once or twice all year. I'm thinking #2-5 will have more shuffling, but #1, #6 are about right. East Troy and Monroe is a coin flip for seeding, although I think Monroe will get the edge for facing larger schools this season.

Division 4

Group C

#1 Lodi 9-0 vs #8 Mayville 5-4

#2 Racine St. Catherine's 9-0 vs #7 River Valley 5-4

#3 Lake Mills 8-1 vs #6 Turner 7-2

#4 Platteville 8-1 vs #5 Lakeside Lutheran 6-3

-This bracket for me tries its best to not only split up the Capitol North schools, but also keep Lodi and Lake Mills away from a potential Level 2 game. Racine St. Catherine's being added to the local school pool makes this a much more difficult read. I think Lodi gets the #1 by virtue of St. Cat's getting a freebie with a W over Catholic Central, perhaps, but we will see.

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