Racing Roundup 4/25/17: Slinger Super Speedway season preview & more

On this week's Racing Roundup Show:

-Anderson's Sponsored Driver Dennis Prunty

-2-Time IRA Champ Scotty Neitzel

-Slinger Super Speedway Season Preview with Driver Andy Welter & SLM Champ Chris Blawat

-5/13-14 "Chicagoland Slam" TORC Tix Giveaway

-4-28 "Battle By The Bay" IRA Tix Giveaway

-Dean Strom delivers the Bonafide Security Solutions Short Track Report and the Schlafer Auto Body Open Wheel Report

-Jim serves up the goods on the Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup Racing NASCAR Report

-Lots of Prize Giveaways After the Show

-Local Results, WI Scene, NASCAR and More!

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