Why the Packers Beat the Cowboys

NFL Previews and Predictions:

There are no more pretenders (except Houston)…  and no more bad matchups (except the Texans and Patriots).  The Divisional round of the NFL playoffs is typically the best NFL weekend of the year.  Eight teams are still in it—although I think just six have a legitimate shot at playing in SB LI in Houston.  Here are my thoughts:

Seattle Seahawks (10-5-1) at Atlanta Falcons (11-5)         Saturday 3:35     FOX

I have checked out on the Seattle Seahawks.  I’m no longer sold on their defensive intimidation and the “legion of boom.”  I’m no longer buying in on the magic of Russell Wilson finding ways to pull victory from the jaws of defeat.  I’m riding with the Falcons and the highest scoring offense in the NFL.  I’m with the Falcons and the NFL’s MVP—Matt Ryan.  I’ll take Dan Quinn finding a way to beat his old team.  I think Seattle’s season ends with a thud.

Atlanta—35  Seattle—20 


Houston Texans (9-7)  at  New England Patriots (14-2)   Saturday 7:15     CBS

The Texans have the NFL’s highest rated defense.  It doesn’t matter.

New England—31  Houston—10 


Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)  at  Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)  Sunday  7:15    NBC

Sunday’s games are both hard to read…even matchups with hard to figure results.  I love the Steelers offensive diversity.  The Chiefs don’t impress with any overall team stats.  Pittsburgh features Ben Roethlisberger—Antonio Brown—and LeVeon Bell.  Kansas City features Alex Smith, Travis Kelce, and ???.  Everything points to the Steelers.  I’ll take the home team.

Kansas City—26  Pittsburgh—23 


Green Bay Packers (10-6)  at  Dallas Cowboys (13-3)  Sunday  3:40             FOX

Dak Prescott of the Cowboys has not played like a rookie all season long.  Ezekiel Elliott has not played like a rookie all season long.  It’s time…not so much for Elliott, but for Prescott.  The rookie 4th round draft choice has answered all the questions, made all the throws, and handled all of the Dallas media scrutiny.  In a word—Prescott has been GREAT.  I’m betting the “playoffs” and two week layoff will combine to lead to a “rookie-like” performance on Sunday.  The momentum that the Packers carry into this matchup is impressive.  Consider the two key matchups:  Aaron Rodgers vs Dak Prescott (I’ve got Rodgers), Mike McCarthy vs Jason Garrett (I’ve got McCarthy).  It would be better if Green Bay had Jordy Nelson…they don’t.  Green Bay has averaged 35 ppg in the last five games.  I like the train the Packers are riding.  It’s not time to stop—not yet.

Green Bay—31  Dallas—26 

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