Packers 8-Plays That Won the Game

Packers Eight-Plays That Decided the Game

Every Coach that has ever talked at length about how games are won or lost, will tell you that the end result on the scoreboard pivots on just a few key moments – even in a 25-point win.  The Margin of victory is measured on a half dozen plays--before the result salted away with late scores.  To that end…here are eight moments from the Packers 38-13 win over the Giants.

3rd and 5 at GB 35 (11:05 - 1st) (No Huddle, Shotgun) E.Manning pass incomplete short left to O.Beckham.

NYG in the game opening drive with a 3rd & 5 at the Packers 35-yard line…Eli Manning hits Odell Beckham Jr on a short dig route going towards the Packers sideline.  Beckham dropped the pass…and the Giants punted on the next play.  No idea what the Giants would have done on the possession if Beckham makes the catch—but they are certainly in position to score, and more importantly—the drop put some doubt in OBJ.  That would come back later—stay tuned.

1st and 10 at GB 28  (7:30 - 1st) (No Huddle, Shotgun) E.Manning pass incomplete deep left to O.Beckham.

NYG would break into the scoring column on their 2nd possession…but they left 4-points on the board after OBJ suffered his 2nd drop of the day.  This time on a fly by past Ladarius Gunter into the left corner of the end zone in single coverage—Manning’s pass was good enough.  Beckham’s drop was a BIG deal for confidence—not just OBJ’s…but the Packers’ DB’s.

4th and 14 at NYG 44  (5:06 - 2nd) J.Schum punts 37 yards to NYG 7, Center-B.Goode. D.Harris to NYG 8 for 1 yard (J.Janis, J.Hawkins).

GBP The 5th consecutive punt to begin the game for the Packers ended up being a big—little play.  It’s just a 37 yard punt…but it pinned the Giants deep in their own end, and after a Julius Peppers 3rd down sack the Packers would get the ball in good field position after a poor Giants punt.  Field position flipped.

2nd and Goal at NYG 5 (2:20 - 2nd) Davante Adams Pass From Aaron Rodgers for 5 Yrds M.Crosby extra point is Good

GBP Just 3-plays later was the beginning of a “pendulum swing” in favor of the Packers.  Aaron Rodgers future spot on “Dancing with the Stars” was cemented with an :08+ second Paso doble before zipping a bullet to Davante Adams to give the Packers a lead they would never give up. 


4th and 2 at NYG 42  (0:00 - 2nd) Randall Cobb Pass From Aaron Rodgers for 42 Yrds M.Crosby extra point is Good

GBP After Mike McCarthy took a timeout (2nd guessed) following the Giants 1st down play with 2:04 to play…the Packers would force a punt.  It would setup the “Hail Rodgers” play which speaks for itself.  However…on the play before the score—Rodgers hit Jared Cook inside the Giants 20—but Cook had it knocked free, incomplete.  If he catches the pass…the Packers without a timeout, would not have been able to get off another snap.  That BIG play gave the Packers an 8-point lead at halftime.

14-6 Packers H


4th and 1 at GB 42  (6:08 - 3rd) J.Spriggs reported in as eligible. T.Montgomery left tackle to GB 41 for -1 yards (L.Collins; J.Casillas).

GBP The decision to “go for it” is wrong.  Some might say—“it sends a message” … this was NOT the time to send a message.  Leading 14-6 midway through the 3rd quarter and with the Giants not in much of an offensive rhythm…it was a mistake.  The play call is about execution…the decision was flawed and it led to a Giants TD just 2-plays later.  14-13 GB.


1st and 10 at NYG 30  (2:53 - 3rd) Randall Cobb Pass From Aaron Rodgers for 30 Yrds M.Crosby extra point is Good

GBP  Credit McCarthy and Rodgers on the Packers quick and decisive answer.  A 4-play drive that featured 3-straight passes…to Cook for 10…to Adams for 20…and finally to Randall Cobb for 30-yards and a touchdown.  All 3-passes were to the middle of the field.  Whatever momentum the Giants had taken moments earlier was gone.  Plus, any chance the Giants had to answer with a drive of their own was short circuited when Bobby Rainey fielded the ensuing kickoff and stepped out of bounds at the 3 yard line.  21-13 GB.


3rd and 3 at NYG 16  (9:19 - 4th) Randall Cobb Pass From Aaron Rodgers for 16 Yrds M.Crosby extra point is Good

GBP  The Packers put the game away with a  10-play, 80-yard, 5:14 drive led by Rodgers who went 5-7 for 78-yards.  The final throw was another thing of beauty—and the 3rd to Cobb on the day.  It put the game away.  31-13 GB


The Packers would go on to win 38-13 and advance to the Divisional Round to meet the Dallas Cowboys.

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